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   liaoning east treasure group subsidiaries in liaoning bohai anti-corrosion engineering co., LTD., east group of ship manufacturing co., LTD received science and technology department of liaoning province, liaoning province, departments, the state administration of taxation, tax bureau, liaoning province joint "high-tech enterprise certificate", issued by the above two companies since 2013, has now won six consecutive years "national hi-tech enterprise" honorary title.


   Liaoning dongbao group shipbuilding co., ltd. is a group enterprise with advanced shipbuilding management mode and a number of repairing and shipbuilding qualifications. The company has a coastal area of 225 hectares, can build 200,000 tons and below all kinds of ships, shipbuilding and Marine engineering capacity of 600,000 tons of load tons, has "two spray five coating" outfitting production workshop a set, 200 tons of large gantry cranes, and a number of large gantry cranes and other lifting equipment. The ship repair capacity is 50 ships per year, which can realize the annual ship dismantling capacity of 500,000 light tons.


   Liaoning bohai anticorrosive engineering co., ltd. is located in beigang economic development zone, huludao city, covering an area of 100,000 square meters with a total construction area of 45,000 square meters. Is a variety of mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises engaged in various Bridges and steel structure engineering production and installation, crane manufacturing and installation, metal surface anti-corrosion treatment, mining equipment manufacturing, environmental protection equipment research and development and manufacturing. The company mainly produces 56 sets of equipment, has a steel material processing and production workshop of 14400 square meters, equipped with 16 tons of electromagnetic bridge cranes, 8 semi-gantry cranes, 4 63 tons of electric flat-car, 1 100 tons of electric flat-car, to ensure the transshipment of processing materials and semi-finished products, the annual processing capacity of 66000 tons. Over the years, the company has undertaken a number of steel structure production and installation projects, and has successively obtained the "steel structure engineering professional contracting level I", "construction engineering general contracting level iii", "bridge crane manufacturing, installation, transformation" and many other qualifications and national patents.



   The "high and new technology enterprise" certification also marks that our company's high technology organization and management level, scientific research achievements transformation ability, independent research and development and production of products have been recognized by the national science and technology department, in the forefront of the domestic peer. The certification of "high and new technology enterprise" will also bring a potential positive effect on our company to enhance the industry status, establish the brand image and promote the business growth.

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