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   On March 11, 2020, liaoning dongbao heavy industry co., LTD., a 210,000 ton no. 22 steel fishing boat segment 831 successfully got pregnant today. The section is a section of bow and bottom, with a total length of 22 meters, a width of 9 meters, a height of 8.7 meters, and a weight of about 230 tons.

   辽宁free欧美高清猪马牛重工有限公司位于葫芦岛海洋工程配套园区,占地面积8万平方米,总建筑面积 5.6万平方米。

   Liaoning Dongbao Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Huludao Marine Engineering Supporting Park, covering an area of 80,000 square meters and a total construction area of 56,000 square meters.

   公司主要经营范围:船体分段制作,舱口盖制作, 桥梁制件、free欧美高清猪马牛钢结构厂房制作、free欧美高清猪马牛环卫、free欧美高清猪马牛环保设备制作,矿山设备制作及可移动式救生舱的制作。在制造安装方面具有丰富的经验和雄厚的技术力量,是造船、free欧美高清猪马牛石油、free欧美高清猪马牛电力、free欧美高清猪马牛矿山企业的长期合作伙伴。

   The company's main business scope: hull segment production, hatch cover production, bridge parts, steel structure plant production, sanitation, environmental protection equipment production, mining equipment production and production of movable rescue capsules. With rich experience and strong technical force in manufacturing and installation, it is a long-term partner of shipbuilding, petroleum, electric power and mining enterprises.



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