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   On November 11-13, 2019, a 7-member delegation of the Slovak Business Delegation and the Chamber of Commerce in China came to Liaoning Dongbao Industrial Group Co., Ltd. to conduct business investigations and negotiations. The foreign guests conducted detailed inspections on different industries of the subsidiaries of Dongbao Group, and conducted a detailed understanding of the development prospects of Dongbao Port, and showed strong willingness to cooperate.


   Mr. Li Baodong, the chairman of our company, and Mr. Wang Jingye, the general manager of the company, expressed their warm welcome to the delegation and accompanied the delegation to the companies for a field visit. Chairman Li introduced the basic situation of our company and the development status of different industries of our company. The foreign guests expressed great greatness to the hull segment manufacturing, steel structural component finished products, container house and marine decorative materials. interest. It also highly affirmed the strategy of our company based on long-term development and achieving a win-win situation for both corporate and social benefits.


   Afterwards, the Slovak Business Representative and the President of the Chamber of Commerce in China had a warm and friendly discussion with us in the conference room, and sincerely hope that through this visit and guidance, the successful cooperation between Dongbao Group and Czechoslovakia will be realized and become long-term friendly. Mutual trust partner. Foreign guests also expressed great gains on this trip to Dongbao, affirmed the management model and product quality of Dongbao Group, and looked forward to the friendly negotiation between the two parties in the future.

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