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   Recently, at the coastal terminal of Liaoning Dongbao Group Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., two new fishing boats were successfully launched, adding beautiful scenery to the local fishing village. Mainly engaged in fishing shrimp, shuttle crab, squid and other operations. The fishery has developed rapidly in recent years, and the earlier wooden fishing boats have all been eliminated.


   Liaoning Dongbao Group Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has domestic advanced shipbuilding management mode and a number of shipbuilding qualifications. With a coastline of 225 hectares, it can build ships of 200,000 tons and below. The shipbuilding and offshore engineering capacity is 600,000 DWT. It has a set of two spray and five coats and a 200-ton large gantry crane. And large lifting equipment such as multiple gantry cranes. The ship repairing capacity is 50 ships per year, which can achieve an annual shipbreaking capacity of 500,000 light tons.

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